Stars & Garters

A crimson sun rises and the world bleeds. War, the great scourge of civilization, is upon us. Like a cancer of hate it spreads across the world, gnawing and devouring all who would run from it and all who would embrace it. Power hungers for more and more. Its appetite never sated. Into this arena of blood and death steps a different breed of men and women. Chosen by fate and shaped by experience and hardship, these heroes carry not just the hope of the world, but the last hope for victory.

The year is 1942, and the Allied Nations are in a state of total war. In Germany, the Nazi forces of Adolph Hitler march across the face of Europe. In the Mediterranean, Benito Mussolini spreads fear and terror and in the Far East, the Imperial Forces of Japan under the leadership of Emperor Hirohito & the fierce General Tōjō cut a bloody swath across the region. While much of the fighting fell to the common soldier, a growing number of encounters with super-soldiers and meta-humans have the allies worried.

In a secret directive, the leaders of the allied forces commit to jointly contribute to a special Allied Initiative determined to combat the growing threat posed by these super-men. While some worry that this may lead to an escalation of the war, the majority are convinced that if they do nothing, the Axis will certainly triumph.

These are the adventures of the members of the Allied Initiative. These are the tales of high adventure and a secret war fought to make all men free. This is…


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